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Friday, April 16, 2010

Testify! Our Audience Speaks

“The Write Club is the right club for exploring new literary and performance vistas: internal and external.

The writer/performers find out things they never knew about themselves and exposing that stuff in eye-opening ways.

They think before blabbing; so unusual in today’s world. What a concept!” -- Edie McClurg

Amazing Writers and Performers! Book these guys wherever you can! Their stuff is deep, fresh, hysterical, moving and super relate-able. They dig deep and leave their hearts on the stage. Always a memorable experience. Not to be missed! Wendee Lee

I've seen three of their performances and each time I've been riveted and amazed. The writing, personal stories that through the talent of the actors, broaden ones understanding and subsequently become universal themes, are profound and often very funny as well. A remarkably gifted group that will nourish all who attend. Mary Presby

The show I saw at The Hudson was the most entertaining show I saw in all 2009. Hilarious! Jamie Franklin

They are amazing, authentic, and a lovely breath of fresh air. The show is diverse, energetic, and definitely comes from the heart. How do they memorize all of that stuff?!! Very very talented people. Melba Watson

Went to see the show and LOVED it. It made my husband and I have faith in going to the theater again. We laughed our tushies off and plan to take our non-theater friends and family to one of their shows so they can know how great LA theater can be. Maria McCann

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