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The Write Club is currently seeking new members! We'll have you writing and on your feet in front of an appreciative audience before you have time to make one more excuse about why you're not doing that already. Contact Jane Morris 310 622 4026 for more information!

Friday, April 16, 2010

About Our Work

Founded by writer, director and performer Paula Killen in 2007, The Write Club is a workshop comprised of approximately 25 very talented writer/performers. Originally a group of women of all races, the Write Club has recently grown to include men.

All of the members of Write Club work on their solo pieces in this collective environment, committing to their work through re-writes, edits, final staging and, finally, live performance, off book and fully realized.

Each artist is encouraged to find their own voice, capitalize on personal experiences, explore characters and commit to the unique experience of real communication with the audience.

Paula Killen explains, “I created original work for years in Chicago (and)...had hoped to inspire folks to move towards their best selves—the message, the meaning, the humor, the heartbreak—all as a way to commune with the planet, have a good time on stage and take their careers back from the thieves that say a crumby TV guest spot is the only validation an actor can expect to achieve. A way to stay sharp and accessible.”

The Write Club performs on the first Friday of each month at the Improv Olympic West in Hollywood and periodically at the fanaticSalon in Culver City and the Celebration Theater in Hollywood.

How do I join?

Give us a call. Sit in on class once. The Write Club meets every Tuesday evening at 7pm in downtown Los Angeles at Art Share 801 E 4th St. 90013. The fee is only $100 per month.

Call 622 2046 and talk to Jane Morris or click on Paula's picture to talk with her.

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